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The Potential of Emerging Technology in the Netherlands Report

This report analyses the current position of the Dutch startup ecosystem in the deep tech sector as well as highlights the deep tech opportunities available to be seized. The research provides further insights into the winning strategies to intervene in the deep tech...

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Techleap AI report startups/scale-ups 2021

This report provides an overview of the Dutch artificial intelligence startups and scaleups in 2021. More specifically, it outlines the trends of broad & deep AI adoption within the ecosystem, the extent to which Dutch AI companies contribute to creating more jobs, and presents data on the amount of investment those companies get in comparison to their counterparts in the US and in other EU countries.

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Zuid-Holland invests heavily in research & development and economic activity in the field of AI. The regional potential for growth based on AI is estimated at almost
€ 3 billion in additional added value in the next three years.

About us

Holland AI, partner of the NLAIC, connects all people who want to contribute to the AI ecosystem in Zuid-Holland.




Holland AI aims to include all public and private partners and knowledge institutions (including higher professional education) in Zuid-Holland. In addition, we are looking to link up with existing initiatives in the region or build on them.

AI network organisation in Zuid-Holland

Holland AI is a network organisation of companies and knowledge institutions in Zuid-Holland that work with artificial intelligence (AI). Holland AI unlocks one of the largest AI ecosystems in the Netherlands, which consists of the Zuid-Holland knowledge institutions (home to more than a thousand academics with a specialisation in AI), the business community and public partners.